Friday, February 24, 2006

Bigfoot vs. Hantu Semawa in Pahang death match!

Bigfoot Sighted In Endau-Rompin National Park
(Eastern Region News Service)

ROMPIN (Pahang), Feb 20 (Bernama) -- Orang Asli living along the Johor-Pahang border claim they too have seen "Bigfoot" in the Endau-Rompin National Park while collecting forest produce in the area.

They call the hairy man-like creatures standing over four metres (12ft) tall as "hantu siaran gigi" or "hantu hutan".

But those are not the only creatures they have seen for they have also sighted "hantu semawa" -- a creature whose body size is similar to an ordinary human -- and "hantu bojok" which is much smaller.

Tok Batin (tribal chief) Sati Pak Burut, 48, said his men had told him several times of their encounter with such creatures in the Johor forest.

"My men often go into the forest for up to two or three weeks. When they return, they will tell lots of stories like seeing hantu hutan, hantu bojok and hantu semawa," he said.

Tok Batin Sati, who heads over 300 families in Kampung Guri, said no untoward incidents had happened so far involving his men and the creatures.

"Normally, when seeing such a creature, they just leave the area. They do not want to disturb it. It knows that we are poor, the creatures and us depend on the forest for our livelihood," he said.

Villager Alias Kuwi, 32, said he had seen a hantu hutan catching fish while looking for fragrant wood in the forest.

"We looked at it and it looked back at us, then we continued walking. It did not bother us," he said.

On hantu bojok, he said, the one he had seen was not as hairy as a Bigfoot.

"Hantu bojok is small. We've seen it many times. It looks like a dwarf. Once, we saw it catching fish and when it saw us, it ran away," he said.


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I have a pathologically lying accquaintance who has encountered Bigfoot on numerous occasions. He also shot lightning out of his head and blew out a street lamp.

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