Friday, March 17, 2006

Spider Robot Climbs Trees, Scales Walls!

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New York, New York (AHN) - A new robot may be climbing a tree near you.

Experts from Carnegie Mellon and selected Universities have come together to create a robot capable of climbing trees, as well as other vertical surfaces.

The robot is the result of the RiSE (Robots in Scansorial Environments) Project.

The project "is to create a bioinspired climbing robot with the unique ability to walk on land and climb on vertical surfaces."

According to RiSE, the project studies novel robot kinematics, precision-manufactured compliant feet and appendages, and advanced robot behaviors.

The work has been sponsored by the Biologically Inspired Multifunctional Dynamic Robotics (BIODYNOTICS) Program from the Defense Sciences Office


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They drove him wild, they drove him crazy.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Dennis Dread said...

"you better watch out...cause I'm a war machine!"

11:43 PM  

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