Tuesday, October 05, 2010

editorial - The irony of going ape for Pink Bubbles Go Ape, or, when metal was uncool records were cheaper

a short rant, by Ryan

Seriously though, no one but me wants these albums on vinyl, and yet they've been peering at me from the top of my "want" list for way too long... how can I not have found them (for a reasonable price) by now? Sure..., some of these bands are well loved in certain (albeit small) circles, but these are the albums they put out that no body but me every listens to for crisake! Yeah, every metal head or thrasher wants a copy of Intruder "Higher Form of Killing" or Destruction "Infernal Overkill" but nobody but me is pining away for "Psycho Savant" or "Cracked Brain"... These are the records that people are always all "Yeah, I didn't really dig them as much on that one..."

Now, for the most part, I know if you look often enough you see them on eBay (you don't have to send me 30 links after you read this), but I just don't think it's fair that I should have to pay some hipster record shop back east 35$ for one of these on eBay just because the record looks metal and metal is popular with record collectors now... I should be able to find Toxik "Think This" in the 5$ bin godammit! It's not like it's freakin' "World Circus" or something! Hell, a couple of these I'd even pay a crummy eBay price for if I could just find a copy period! Are you listening hipster record stores? If you have that Lawnmower Deth LP, you have me by the balls!
Just hook me up and get back to working on your Decemberists display!

I gotta' be the only guy checking for these first thing when I stumble into a record store or start searching around eBay after a couple beers... Oh metal gods, why do you mock me, your humble servant, in such a cruel manner? Why I ask? Why???

Xentrix - "For Whose Advantage?"
Lawnmower Deth - "Return Of The Metal Bozo Clowns"

Ludachrist - "Powertrip"

Toxik - "Think This"

Evil Dead - "The Underworld"

Atrophy - "Violent By Nature"
Helloween - "Pink Bubbles Go Ape"

Onslaught - "In Search Of Sanity"

Viking - "Man Of Straw"

Poltergeist - "Depression"
Intruder - "Psycho Savant"

M.O.D. - "Gross Misconduct"

Assassin - "Interstellar Experience"


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