Wednesday, November 03, 2010

editorial - would like to recommend "976-EVIL"

Here's an email (titled " : Shocker dvd available") I had in my inbox this morning:

Their software knows me so well it's downright spooky! It's exactly like that movie "Electric Dreams"! How could it possibly know I've been wanting to watch "Dr Giggles" again recently unless their server has become sentient and, I'd assume, fallen in love with me?

I'm going to keep this blog post short today as I have a lot of important work that needs to be done around the ol' crypt (a nap) but I wanted to share some awesome artwork I came across while wasting time on the web at work. I'm a big fan of Eastern European movie posters that feature images that have nothing at all even remotely to do with the film (usually the result of distributors purchasing the rights to movies and needing to rush out promotional items for them before they've even received or viewed the actual flick), and this art for the Turkish release of Pumpkinhead is a perfect example of how awesome some of these posters can be. I can just imagine the confusion Turkish horror movie fans must have felt when Pumkinhead started up and turned out to not be the most awesome giallo ever made, as this poster would lead you to believe it is:

Pretty sweet huh? I'd love to get a copy of that poster! Plus, I'm a huge fan of "Ston Winston". His creature designs might not look as nice as Stan Winston's, but his rates are a lot more reasonable.

In other exciting Fright Zone news, I finally ordered a USB extension cord, so some of those 7 inch reviews I've been sitting on will finally get posted in the upcoming weeks (what's a 7 inch review if you can't get a mp3 of the tunes so you can tell me how wrong I am?).

Last, but not least, I'd like to wish Tom Savini a happy birthday.
Can't wait to see Machete again when it comes out on dvd. I know everyone saw it already, but I'll probably do a review then since so many people have asked me about it (2 people).

All right kids, that's all for today. Take care, brush your hair.

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Blogger Dennis Dread said...

I felt like my computer had turned into a sentient being too and dumped me when I was told to brush my hair!

BTW Letterman is a real dick in that Savini clip.

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