Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Oh, was she a great big fat person?

New show idea: "Serial Killer Friends". Buffalo Bill, Eddie Quist and the Scorpio Killer are all room mates. It's a sit com. They don't have to be shown doing serial killer stuff, just normal day to day room mate stuff. To me, that sounds like the most watchable show ever created. I could endlessly spend time with those 3 characters doing... well, anything. Hell, even mundane, Seinfeld style nothing even.

Now that Monk is over, Buffalo Bill won't be hard to get, and you know Robert Picardo and Andrew Robinson would be more than happy to get a break from the Star Trek/comic con circuit. Maybe it can even be tied into CSI or NCIS or one of those franchises? Do they have a show from the bad guys perspective yet... and a sit com to boot?

So yeah, if we can get Max Jenke/Brion James as the building super/wacky neighbor, we're fucking gold for 2012. Hollywood, call me.


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