Saturday, November 06, 2010

editorial - WWJCD? John Carpenter news and free tunes!

Waking up at 3pm on a Saturday with a new issue of Horror Hound in the mail... not too shabby.

So, still no release date on John Carpenter's new flick "The Ward" (his first movie in over 10 years, his last being 2001's much beloved (by me) "Ghosts Of Mars", as well as his two episodes of Masters Of Horror).

Now, John Carpenter is not only the greatest film director/film writer of all time (imho), but also one of the greatest musician/composers who have ever put synth to tape, so news of a new movie coming to theaters from him not only got me stoked for the return of my favorite director, but also one of my all time favorite composers/musicians. Sadly though, I recently found out he did not score "The Ward" (it was done by a composer I'm unfamiliar with, Mark Killian, who's credits include"Traitor", "Rendition" and the Nathan Fillion detective series "Castle")... but Carpenter did help a small amount and perform some synth... I'll check out some of Killian's work and report back, but here's keeping fingers crossed that Carpenter's return is one that I'll be able to enjoy both film wise and tunage wise.

Ok, so while I wait around twiddling my thumbs for this movie to find a distributor, howz' about some fucking label re-releasing and remastering his soundtrack back catalog on cd and, more importantly, vinyl? Dagored's 180 gram gatefold of "Escape From New York" was pretty much a tease, since, while it is an amazingly packaged and great sounding record, they label went belly up and nothing else from JC's incredible musical catalog was released.

I have no idea what the legal rights are to his scores, and I consider myself lucky just to have the meager 6 Carpenter LPs and few cds that I do have... of course his whole library is available readily through nefarious means on line, and I play the fuck out of all his work constantly, but these albums deserve a quality re-issue series, and considering the amounts they fetch on line, it's pretty strange that it hasn't happened. I'd even settle for cd if it has to be that way, but I'm always going to keep dreaming of a copy of "In The Mouth Of Madness" (never on vinyl!) or deluxe, gatefold 180 gram remasters of "The Thing" or "Dark Star" on vinyl. Give this master musician the treatment his works deserve! Seriously, can you imagine an "ITMOM" LP gatefold with all that insane "Sutter Cane" artwork from the book jackets in the movie all over the place? Fuck me.

In the meantime, please enjoy one of John Carpenter's most metal and most experimental soundtracks, the brilliant score to 1995's "In The Mouth Of Madness".

This one holds an extra special place in my heart, not only because it's one of my favorite movie scores, but because it also reminds me of a pretty fun time in my life, during which I was living across the street from the (now defunct) Eastgate Theater and, despite being broke as a joke, I was able to take a break from endless replays of the first Bestial Warlust album and crappy VHS copies of Fulci flicks and Transformers cartoons with my roommates, and scrape together enough cash to enjoy this incredible movie theatrically 4 times, and was able to compare and contrast it's intensity under the effects of several different chemically induced states of mind. Straight up 22z of King Cobra, bong hits and some downers will melt you into the seat like a tentacled mess from KNB's creature shop right along with the flick and it's top notch soundtrack. Give it a try!

Of course, both the score and film get 10 out of 10 fucking Oscars. If I had more Oscars, I'd give them out.

(the link to the download is in the comment section)

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John Carpenter - "Escape From New York" OST 180 gram gatefold LP
Poltergeist - "Depression" LP
Goblin - "Dawn Of The Dead" OST LP
Ennio Morricone - "4 Mosche Di Velluto Grigio" OST LP
Scorpions - "Virgin Killer" LP


Blogger Ryan S. said...

6:50 PM  
Blogger Dennis Dread said...

That download didn't work for me. I just got a bunch of crazy Sutter Cane text but no tunes. That's it, I'm coming over. Now!

7:43 AM  
Blogger Ryan S. said...

try again, it's working for everyone else. Just make sure you wait for your dl to be ready and don't get suckered into any of mediafire's stupid/confusing ad links.

The whole thing is in one zip folder so it should be pretty easy to get going once it's ready.

cheers, Ryan

9:27 AM  
Blogger Guts Spill said...

Wow, Ive been looking for this forever! All I found was a whole disco of Carpenter's work. I love the opening! Printing presses have never been so metal. I still have the mono version on my iTunes that I recorded from my DVD to my computer.

I was also just watching an episode of Tales From The Crypt a day or two before Halloween, and in the episode of "The Undertaker's Parlor" I KNEW who the undertaker was, and then it hit me... The dickhead at the front desk at the ward in In The Mouth of Madness.

Ive said it for years now, In The Mouth of the Madness is way underrated. Ill never forget buying the DVD a couple years back, having to go to work a couple hours, being tired, and falling asleep during the scene where he cant escape the town, and I kept on waking up during every attempt escape. That scene must have lasted for 20 minutes because I would fall asleep again after rewinding it to catch what I missed because it kept on repeating. It wasnt until the day after that I realized that he attempted to escape 3 or 4 times.

Anyway, I fucking love this movie. A lot lot.

11:55 PM  

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