Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's 2011! (of Engorged, Last Wed On The Left and Vomit Parties...)

To the 4 people who read my blog I apologize for the lack of posts last month, I've been busy with a bunch of other stuff creative and non (work, ug...), but on a good note Lucas and I have been busting ass on the new Engorged LP finally, and it's coming out fucking great after a long hiatus in 2010. Hopefully we will have a mixtape of a couple songs ready for people to hear for MDF (and hopefully I will get to go to MDF... fucking Exhorder, how can I miss that?).

Anyways, besides playing guitar and working, I've also got the chance to DJ a little bit over the past few months thanks to Dennis Dread's awesome "Last Wed On The Left" nights at the East End pub in Portland, where Dennis spins awesome tunes and they have great micros on tap, and he is also kind enough to let me occasionally sit in and DJ with him. Also, the good folks at Heavy Metal Vomit Party (Amy,Kevin,Mike and Mike) on KBOO radio in Portland let me come down, drink some beer, hang out and play some thrash with them last night (1/13/11) which was a fucking blast. Hope to do more DJing in 2011, since that's what I seem to do with most of my downtime at home anyways, and as much as my cats love listening to Voivod LPs, it's always more fun to play records, drink beer and yell about metal with other people... if you're free on the last Wed night from 9pm to 2am each month, make sure you cruise down to the East End Saloon at 203 SE Grand in Portland and check out Dennis Dread spinning great tunes, guaranteed good time. Also, Heavy Metal Vomit Party is on KBOO 90.7 in Portland every other Wed night/Thursday morning, so check it out, it's a great show and they play some awesome shit. You can also listen on line or download it from their site here.

I've gotten a few new records lately that I dig, and Netflix has been putting up some crazy good movies on streaming (fucking "Mutant Hunt", "Terror Vision" and "The Keep"? Satan have mercy!), so I'll get back on the blog bandwagon sometime in the near future.

Cheers and don't forget to thrash till death.

UPDATE 1/16/2011 - you can download the newest episode of HMVP right here!